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Transformational journey in connection with nature


Mandala AVANI


AVANI is a retreat center in the heart of nature. We offer transformational journeys in connection with nature. AVANI means ‘good earth’, and welcome you to surrender to a healing space of openness, where you feel safe to go within yourself and reconnect to your own nature where you can find new perspectives. 


It’s our mission to transform people in connection with nature. AVANI reminds you that you are the medicine of your life and future.



  • that there is no separation between nature and human beings, we are nature.
    Nature is our teacher and ultimate guide. 

  • that psychedelic plant medicins can function as a guide and catalyst for a
    healing journey when they are embedded in nature and professional guidance

  • that every person’s has an intrinsic ability to self-healing 

  • that you are the creator of your inner world, your live and together we are the
    creator of live on earth.  


You will experience a deeper sense of authentic power and direction which will give you more joy, energy and fulfillment. You become less fearfull, more humble, grateful, open and learn to take better care of yourself. You will start to acknowledge that you can not blindly trust on your current beliefs, stories and values ​​and that you may need to revise some of your habits.

Nachtelijke hemel


We help you transform the mind and body and discover your self-healing ability by reconnecting to nature in order to access a deeper wisdom. Our programs combine ancient wisdom and the latest science to support your healing journey.


You explore inner worlds, mysteries of life, love and truth for yourself and see yourself as you really are. We challenge you not to be seduced by the easy path. To fight the lie that your daydream is adequate and will continue to keep you comfortable.


You have to look deeper, beyond the ordinary thinking that drives ordinary choices. You have to look at your deeper patterns of consciousness and your deeper emotions, beyond day-to-day worries and expectations. This requires courage. Courage to leave the familiar and embark on a journey.


We offer transformational journeys in connection with nature. 


Ancient sweatlodges 
Legal and safe truffel ceremonies
Sound healings 
Tantra practices
Meditave practices 
Bio energetic practice
Breathwork and conscious movement 


Our psychedelic journeys provide an emotionally insightful, wondrous and creative process. We give you space to reset, laugh and cry. Such experiences help you to remember what is really important in life. It opens your heart to connection and vulnerability. This allows you to perpetuate an inner peace.


We have build a beautiful, grounding, intimate and magical place.

AVANI retreat center is located in the Loonse en Drunense Duinen, enclosed by the forrest in Brabant, the Netherlands.


Retreat and Training Center                

'T Hoog 3 in Helvoirt

+31 6 58 95 20 38              


Thank you, we hope to see you soon!

Mandala AVANI
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