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We form a close and open minded community with psychotherapists, music-breathwork and plant medicine teachers, who are convinced that the challenges of the future are best addressed by reconnecting with nature and self-discovery.



Chiel is AVANI's 'groundkeeper'. Chiel connects people with the power and wisdom of nature. He works with the elements, the sweat lodge, the truffles and the power of the breath. Nature helps to discover who we are, where the pinch is, what can be let go and what we want to contribute to. He believes that when we activate the natural wisdom of our mind and start living more consciously, it has a domino effect on others and on a more sustainable future for our children. Chiel is a nature lover and adventurer. He lives in a small community and with his animals in a house in beautiful Brabant.



Loraine is location manager at AVANI, she takes care of the practical matters, but also uses her warm and open energy as a host so that everyone who comes to Avani feels welcome and at home. Loraine brings peace and confidence and inspires and helps others slow down to feel. She invites you to listen to what your body has to tell you through body-oriented work and massage. Through her poems and photography she inspires you to sink even deeper into that slowdown and to see and feel how we are connected to each other and everything around us.



Bo guides people on a healing journey inward. From self-insight comes a new understanding and perspective for life. He works with ki-energy, tantric rituals, conscious touch and psychedelics to increase the sense of feeling and make a profound journey within. 

Chiel van Kollenburg
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